Yoshino Nanase (七瀬佳乃 Nanase Yoshino?) nicknamed Yoppi, is one of the main characters in Wake Up, Girls! anime series. She is the leader of an idol group, Wake Up, Girls! where she joined after going through the audition in late 2013. Her image color is light blue and her image animal is polar bear.


Yoshino has long straight purple hair and green eyes. She has fair coloured skin. Most of the time, she is seen wearing long sleeved shirts (sometimes with a coat) and pleated skirts. In Wake Up, Girls! Shadow of Youth Yoshino had her hairstyle shorten, this later grew longer to the shoulders during Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter, make her had the most hairstyle changes than any other character in the series.


Yoshino is known as the cool beauty in the group with the most sense of responsibility. She is well known in Sendai as a former child actress and a model before joining the group. She and Kaya are among the most mature members, often questioning the antics of Kouhei and Junko. Because of her having the most experience in the Entertainment Industry, she's cited as the de facto leader by the group. She is also a very determined person as shown when sprained her foot during a rehearsal for the Idol Festival finals yet continued to practice and perform properly albeit with a slight mishap caused by her injury. As the group leader, she is supportive and nice towards her friends and never gives up.


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  2. Aoi Tsuki no Shangri-La
  3. Dice of Life!


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