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This month's featured article is Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter.

New Chapter is the latest installment in the Wake Up, Girls franchise which began airing October 10. In addition to Wake Up, Girls!, New Chapter will also feature the debut of idol group Run Girls, Run!. Its opening song is 7 Senses and its ending song is Shizuku no Kanmuri both of which are performed by Wake Up, Girls!.

Wake Up, Girls!
Mayu Shimada Airi Hayashida Minami Katayama Yoshino Nanase
Nanami Hisami Kaya Kikuma Miyu Okamoto
Mayu Yoshioka Airi Eino Minami Tanaka Yoshino Aoyama
Nanami Yamashita Kaya Okuno Miyu Takagi
I-1 Club
Shiho Mai Megumi Nanoka
Iwasaki Shiho Kondo Mai Yoshikawa Megumi Aizawa Nanoka
Moka1 Reina Tina
Suzuki Moka Suzuki Rena Kobayakawa Tina
    • Wake Up, Girls! will perform the ending theme song Suki no Skill for the anime Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody. The CD single will be released February 28. Members Kaya Okuna and Airi Eino will also have roles in the anime.

    • Run Girls, Run! will perform the opening theme song Slide Ride for the anime Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody. The CD single will be released February 28. Member Nanami Atsugi will also have a role in the anime.
    Wake Up, Girls! Character song series3 will be released December 20.
    • Wake Up, Girls! will appear at Anime JAM 2017 on December 24.

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