Wake Up, Girl ZOO! (うぇいくあっぷがーるZOO!?) is an original net animation spin-off produced by Studio Moriken. It began streaming on Avex's YouTube channel from September 5, 2014. The main theme is "WUG Zoo Zoo" by Wake Up, Girls!.


The anime shorts take the aspiring idols of the Wake Up, Girls! anime and turns them into mini animal mascots. The setting of the shorts is Wake Up, Girl Zoo!, a small zoo at the outskirts of Sendai in northeastern Japan. Facing the imminent demise of the zoo, the head zookeeper Tange orders breeder Matsuda to scout out a new animal unit. How will they revive the zoo with the seven newly gathered animals?


No. Title Air Date
01 "GO to the Zoo!"
(動物園でGO! "Dōbutsuen de GO!"?)
September 5, 2014 (trial version)
October 22, 2014 (official version)
02 "GO to the Aquarium!"
(水族館でGO! "Suizokukan de GO!"?)
October 22, 2014
03 "GO with the Ghost Stories!"
(怪談でGO! "Kaidan de GO!"?)
November 5, 2014
04 "GO with the Game!"
(ゲームでGO! "Gēmu de GO!"?)
November 19, 2014
05 "GO with the Figures!"
(フィギュアでGO! "Figyua de GO!"?)
December 3, 2014
06 "GO with the Leaflets!"
(チラシ配りでGO! "Chirashikubari de GO!"?)
December 17, 2014
07 "GO with the One Point Luxury!"
(一点豪華主義でGO! "Ittengōkashugi de GO!"?)
January 14, 2015
08 "GO with the Pro Wrestling!"
(プロレスでGO! "Puroresu de GO!"?)
January 28, 2015
09 "GO with the Sentai Hero!"
(戦隊ヒーローでGO! "Sentai hīrō de GO!"?)
February 11, 2015
10 "GO with the Final Episode!"
(最終回でGO! "Saishūkai de GO!"?)
February 25, 2015


  • Supervision: Yutaka Yamamoto, Touko Machida
  • Director: Kenshiro Morii
  • Screenplay: Kenshiro Morii, Eriko Matsuda, Atsushi Oka, Satoko Sekine
  • Character Design: Seiya Miyajima
  • Studio: Ordet, Studio Moriken

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  • Ending Theme
WUG Zoo Zoo



Wake Up, Girl ZOO! Episode 1 Trial Version

Wake Up, Girl ZOO! Episode 1 Trial Version

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