WUG Zoo Zoo ワグ・ズーズー (WAGU ZuZu?) is an original song performed by Wake Up, Girls! It served as the ending of the spin-off anime series 'Wake Up, Girl Zoo!'

Appearances Edit

Wake Up, Girl Zoo! Edit

The song made a regular appearance in every episode for the ONA series. A small animated performance was always animated. It never made an appearance within the actual story of episodes, however.

Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom Edit

Whilst the song itself never made an audible appearance, there was a small snippet shown during the national tour, during which not only WUG performed using their animal masks commonly associated with the song, but also danced in a simple style usual to the song, however this is more assumptions.

Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou Edit

During the bus tour from Wake Up, Girls! they performed at a bath house to the audience. An emergency had struck, as Minami Katayama was delayed upon arriving to the concert. Nanami Hisami dressed up in Minami's tiger costume in her place, but was outed due to a mistake and the singing subsequently stopped. However, the audience received it warmly and Minami eventually arrived albeit late.

Live Appearances Edit

WUG Zoo Zoo is one of the staple songs in the franchise, and as such, it has appeared in a significant amount of lives, especially the earlier ones, in the days of the first anime season etc. On some occasions, like the 2nd 2014 Festa, a mid-performance was done using the moving buses, however in performances such as the 3rd Live Tour, it is done during the encore segment.

Releases Edit

When the song was first released, it was actually as B-Sides in the Wake Up, Girls! Character Song Series. For each character, a solo mix of the song was included. Then, after, a 7-member mix, the full version of the Wake Up, Girl Zoo! ED was released in the album 'Wake Up, Best!' Then, the same song was re-released in the album Wake Up, Best! 2, possibly another signal for the inclusion of the song in Wake Up, Girls! Beyond the Bottom.

Lyrics Edit




Trivia Edit

  • This is the only recurring ED in the WUG franchise which features moving animation (albeit the Zoo's moving animation was partial at best).
  • This is the only song in the WUG franchise which has a full inidividual member solo mix. Hiagawari Princess only featured a solo mix in the introduction and the bridge, whilst Non-stop Diamond Hope featured a a solo mix, but differing lyrics.
  • This is the only song where the identical version has appeared on two Wake Up, Best! albums. In the case of Little Challenger, the 2015 Team S & M versions had slight changes in the instrumental arrangements, as well as the Team S version still having differing member versions.

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