Otome Morishima (守島 音芽) is an idol and a member of the Green Leaves group 'Run Girls, Run!'. Her first appearance was in the 'Wake Up, Girls! Eternal Senses' manga and will also appear in 'Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou'.

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Otome, like both Ayumi and Itsuka is fairly short and has dark brown hair tied into two wavy twin tails alongside her green eyes.

Like the other members of 'Run Girls, Run!' Otome has only been seen so far in her school uniform which consists of a blue and white striped bow, blue blazer, check skirt and black socks and shoes.

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Otome has always liked idols ever since she ever found out about and is a dedicated fan of 'Wake Up, Girls!' too. She ends up always drawing Ayumu and Itsuka into her different events. She is quite a good singer, however due to her poor reflexes, her dancing doesn't fare as well.

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